Garry & Crystal's Garrett County MD Wedding

Crystal contacted me just a little over a month before her Garrett County, MD Wedding! I was so excited to be available and make it work for her and Garry. What a wonderful wedding! Their intimate ceremony was held at the beautiful Oak Grove Church and reception followed at Wisp Resort. Take a look at some of my favorites from the day!g+C1 6

LOVE Tieks!  Such a fun pop of color!g+C1 7 g+C1 2 g+C1 1 g+C1 9 g+C1 8 g+C1 4g+C1 62 g+C1 3 g+C1 5 g+C1 10 g+C1 12 g+C1 11 g+C1 13 g+C1 15g+C1 14

g+C1 16 g+C1 18 g+C1 17 g+C1 19 g+C1 20 g+C1 21 g+C1 22 g+C1 23 g+C1 24 g+C1 25 g+C1 26

The weather was PERFECT for our outdoor shots of the bridal party.  We found a gorgeous location at Wisp just before storm clouds rolled in.CK8A2289 g+C1 28CK8A2414g+C1 30 g+C1 31g+C1 32CK8A2453CK8A2461g+C1 35 g+C1 36g+C1 37 g+C1 38 g+C1 39

While I finished up our bridal portraits, my 2nd shooter was able to get all of the many beautiful detail shots of the reception site during cocktail hour!  Perfect timing!  g+C1 40 g+C1 41 g+C1 42 g+C1 43 g+C1 44 g+C1 45 g+C1 46 g+C1 47 g+C1 48CK8A2747 g+C1 50 g+C1 51 g+C1 52CK8A2887 g+C1 54 g+C1 55 g+C1 56 g+C1 57


Glowstick Exit!g+C1 59 g+C1 60 g+C1 61 Special Thanks to my talented 2nd shooter, Laurel Hill, for MANY of these shots! And again, THANK YOU Garry & Crystal so much for having us there to be a part of your amazing day!